• Businesses today depend on their PC and network systems for everyday operations.

    Having cost effective IT solutions, computer tech support, and keeping your network infrastructure up and running is essential for businesses to succeed. With more than 10 years of experience, SERV3 NETWORKS has been helping Central Valley Area businesses succeed.
  • Get No Worries Help Desk and Remote Support for your entire staff.

    Don't let your employees just cope with workstation issues; with SERV3 NETWORKS they can quickly get a ticket in through tech support without costing your organization a dime.
  • Eliminate costly downtime by detecting and resolving IT issues before they bring down your systems.

    With 24x7 monitoring and maintenance, 85% of all typical workstation issues can be prevented, all under a budgetable flat-rate fee. Focus on your business, not your IT.
  • Is your Network secure? Is your Data backed up and protected?

    How confident are you in the security of your IT infrastructure? How often do you backup your company's data? Are you storing a recent backup offsite? When was the last time you tested a restore from your current backup solution?
  • SERV3 NETWORKS delivers Professional and Total Responsibility for all facets of your network support management and administration.

    Combined with our remote IT support services, we can provide for 100% of your network management and administration needs enabling your organization to fully utilize all the capabilities of your IT infrastructure.
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Todays Highlights

Business Information
The importance of your business information.
Reduce downtime, increase profitability, and make your technology work for you
  • Cloud Services
Collaboration & Security
No Loss in Compatibility
Hosted VOIP Solutions
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Technology Assessment

To show you our commitment to your success, we’d be honored to provide you with a technology assessment.

Through this process with other satisfied customers, we’ve discovered:
 that vulnerability management is more than the detection and reporting of weaknesses
 that as we help you reduce risk, we also help you build a culture of security
 that innovative password security practices mitigate the risk of a breach
 that having the right equipment, set up the correct way, will save you time and money.