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Businesses today depend on their PC and network systems for everyday operations.

Having cost effective IT solutions, computer tech support, and keeping your network infrastructure up and running is essential for businesses to succeed.  With more than 10 years of experience, SERV3 NETWORKS has been helping Central Valley Area businesses succeed.

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Is your Network secure? Is your Data backed up and protected?

How confident are you in the security of your IT infrastructure? How often do you backup your company's data? Are you storing a recent backup offsite? When was the last time you tested a restore from your current backup solution?

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Get No Worries Help Desk and Remote Support for your entire staff.

Don't let your employees just cope with workstation issues; with SERV3 NETWORKS they can quickly get a ticket in through tech support without costing your organization a dime.

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Eliminate costly downtime
by detecting and resolving IT issues before they bring down your systems.

With 24x7 monitoring and maintenance, 85% of all typical workstation issues can be prevented, all under a budgetable flat-rate fee.  Focus on your business, not your IT.

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SERV3 NETWORKS delivers Professional and Total Responsibility for all facets of your network support management and administration.

Combined with our remote IT support services, we can provide for 100% of your network management and administration needs enabling your organization to fully utilize all the capabilities of your IT infrastructure.

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How secure is your IT infrastructure?  Let us evaluate it for free!

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Managed Services Customized to Your Business IT Needs

SERV3 NETWORKS strives to give our clients Enterprise-level services and solutions at prices that work for small businesses. Time and experience has helped us develop best practices and workflow procedures around a proactive philosphy designed to keep your focus on your business, not your technology.

Our team of experts can become your outsourced IT department, responding to issues quickly, often before you even know about them.  Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure down to your computers, workstations and mobile devices, we provide end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs.

With SERV3 NETWORKS as your outsourced IT Partner, you can be sure to experience:

  • Less Downtime - Faster resolution leads to more productivity
  • Fewer Day-to-day Issues - Proactive maintenance leads to less issues in general
  • More Opportunities - And more time in the day to take advantage of them
  • Flat-Rate IT Budget - Know your IT expenses ahead of time, accounting will thank you!
  • Infrastructure Protection - Keeping your network and devices safe and secure
  • Business Continuity - Through backup and disaster recovery methods and best practices
  • A Good Night's Sleep - Knowing your business is in good hands 24/7/365.

Not sure where to begin, or even if SERV3 NETWORKS is a good fit for your organization?  Give us a call or sign up to contact us and learn more about how we can help move your business forward.

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Does Your Business Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?

Business Disaster Recovery


Does Your Business Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?

Would your business's information, files and ability to function on a day-to-day basis be compromised if a natural disaster hit? If a flood, wildfire or major earthquake wreaked havoc in Manteca, Stockton, Modesto, Turlock, Tracy or any other part of the Central Valley region would your business be prepared?

According to FEMA and IT Disaster Recovery Plan, businesses should have a disaster recovery plan in place in case such events occur, and part of that plan should include an IT disaster recovery plan.

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What Is Multi-Tiered Storage?

Multi-Tiered StorageWhat is multi-tiered storage?

When you store data and files to different storage mediums, you are using multi-tiered storage. You can choose storage mediums based on how often you use the file, the level of security needed for a file and a variety of other factors. The number of levels you use in multi-tiered storage depends entirely on your needs. You may only need two tiers or you may need up to as many as five or six.

What are the storage mediums in multi-tiered storage?

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SERV3 NETWORKS is making affordable IT a reality, with it support that’s within your budget. “Why does finding cost-effective network consulting have to be so hard?” Everyone’s thinking the same thing these days.

Our flat-rate computer support can allow you to more easily budget for IT in San Joaquin and Stanislaus County.

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Information that will help you grow your business.

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Microsoft is Retiring Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 on April 8, 2014

As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft will end support for Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003. As stated in their “Support Lifecycle Policy” they will provide support for a minimum of 10 years after each product is released.

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