What Is Multi-Tiered Storage?

Multi-Tiered StorageWhat is multi-tiered storage?

When you store data and files to different storage mediums, you are using multi-tiered storage. You can choose storage mediums based on how often you use the file, the level of security needed for a file and a variety of other factors. The number of levels you use in multi-tiered storage depends entirely on your needs. You may only need two tiers or you may need up to as many as five or six.

What are the storage mediums in multi-tiered storage?

To automatically facilitate multi-tiered storage, you need to have your devices connected with something called a SCSI. SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface; however, the term "small" is not really applicable anymore as it has outgrown its name. An SCSI connects lots of devices to computers, all at the same time. This includes storage devices such as hard drives, disk drives, and tape drives. A tape drive is a device that stores archival data on magnetic tape, usually for back-up purposes. Somewhat recently, the addition of cloud to multi-tiered storage has been beneficial. With cloud storage there is no longer the need to migrate back-up files offsite for disaster recovery. Instead large amounts of data can be stored virtually while being hosted by a third party company.

What are the benefits of tiered storage?Multi-Tiered Data Storage

Multi-tiered storage costs less because it uses multiple mediums, and for less important documents, you can use cheaper storage mediums. It allows you to increase security for sensitive information files. It helps to keep businesses in compliance with regulations, such as HIPPA compliances for electronic medical records. It is also important in disaster file recovery and data protection.

Are you absolutely positive that your data is secure?  What data protection do you have in place in case of a disaster? If your system crashed, how long would it take for you to be back up and running?


There are many options out there for data storage, so you need an expert to provide you with options that will fit your needs. SERV3 NETWORKS can help you with the data storage that is best for your company.

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